Tuesday, April 24, 2012

High School Blog of the Year 2012

This blog was awarded High School Blog of the Year 2012 at the Texas Library Convention in Houston April 17, 2012 from the Texas Association of School Librarians. Naomi Bates, a fellow Texas librarian and cool high school blogger and book trailer maker extraordinaire, presented this award to me, and I can't be more thrilled.

Nice award!

Here's a picture of Naomi Bates and me (Pamela Thompson) just before the winners were announced

I was so pleased to see all my old and new friends, librarians, writers and publishers. Dawn and the gang at Simon & Schuster gave me big hugs, along with Katie from Egmont. Christina Mandelski and her friend Molly Blaisdell, both Texas authors, gave me writing encouragement and huge hugs and congrats! Derry from Source Books congratulated me and gave me lots of great books, and I enjoyed meeting Texas blogger Katy Manck!

Here's me--beaming--just after getting the award. My BFF fellow librarian Neysa Harding snapped this shot

The library convention was fantastic and gave me lots of hope for libraries and readers in Texas and everywhere! We are so lucky to have such dedicated librarians, writers, and publishers who love kids and reading.

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  1. Pam - that is terrific!!! Kudos, hugs & congrats on your well-deserved reward! :D

  2. Well-deserved! Congratulations!