Friday, November 30, 2012

Funny Pick: The Quck Fix

The Quick Fix
By Jack D. Ferraiolo
291 pages

Spunky, funny, clever, and quirky, The Big Fix is a hilarious mix of middle school angst and super-sleuthing. Matt Stevens is back on the job doing what he does best: solving mysteries. Pretty cheerleader Melissa hires Matt to follow her basketball star boyfriend and try to figure out what he’s up to. She doesn’t suspect he’s cheating, but he’s clearly worried about something, and he gave her a certain something to hold onto and hide for him.

Vinny, a fat, brutal middle school scumbag thug, also hires Matt to find a certain something. Matt is confused. Is Vinny looking for the “thing” that Melissa was asked to hold? Vinny has quite a crime enterprise with his candy sales and gambling ring. He uses his “muscle” to force Matt into working for him.

Matt is a sarcastic wit with biting charm and a keen vocabulary to match. Vinny, try as he might, cannot keep up with Matt’s adept brain power. The worst thing that could happen for Matt is if Vinny or one of his thugs puts Matt on the “Outs”—basically kids on the “Outs” become social outcasts and whispers of their former selves. Adult supervision is non-existent at Matt’s middle school, so he’s going to have to watch out for himself.

As he gets closer to the truth and solving the cases, danger lurks everywhere. Just what is going on and who is calling the shots?

Highly, highly recommended grades 6-up. Reluctant readers will enjoy this one! You do not have to read the first book The Big Splash first, but readers will enjoy both books. If you know a reluctant reader, buy both books for him/her for Christmas.

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  1. Now that my 5th graders are devouring fiction I would love to add this to their collection.

  2. It is always great to find something that will appeal to reluctant readers. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront.
    Heidi Lewis
    Guinyard-Butler Middle School
    779 Allen Street
    Barnwelll, SC 29812

  3. We need more humorous books for everybody. Would love to add this one to our collection.
    Copperas Cove, TX