Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tween Pick: Genie Wishes

Genie Wishes
by Elisabeth Dahl
288 pages

Available April 2013 (exact date not yet available)

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Charming and sweet, Genie Wishes is sure to enchant younger readers.
Genie Kunkle begins her fifth grade year with excitement and anticipation. When she’s named 5th grade class blogger, she’s thrilled. She asks Mr. Saylor, her teacher, what to write about. He guides Genie to write about the class’s thoughts, wishes, and dreams.

Genie begins with Junk Food Lunch. All the kids are sad when the school stops Junk Food Lunch day, but the adults think it’s for the kids’ own good. A lot of kids post comments on Genie Wishes, Genie’s class blog.

Before long, Genie has to worry about bras, shaving her legs, getting her period, wearing make-up, and a thousand other things a girl should not have to worry about. Genie’s dad considers dating, and Genie pushes him to an Internet dating site. Ian, Genie’s older brother, is horrified and lets his feelings be known.

Genie and Sarah have always been BFF’s, but when mean girl, snooty Blair joins them, Genie feels like three’s a crowd. Blair is everywhere, too. Her opinion is usually loud and all the girls think Blair is right all the time. There is friendship drama and Genie feels jealous and sad.

Genie Wishes chronicles Genie’s entire school year. Genie says goodbye to elementary school and looks forward to middle school.

Recommended by the publisher for ages 8-12. Personally, I’m not sure how parents will feel having eight year olds reading about puberty and periods. Use you own judgment. I am adding it to my middle school library, and our school is grade 6-8. Genie Wishes is a light, girl-y read that is perfectly tame for ages maybe eleven and up.

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