Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beach Read Pick: The Lake House

The Lake House
by Marci Nault
Gallery Books
 400 pages

Dive into this poignant novel rife with sweet romance, unlikely friendships, jealousy, tragedy, and hope. The lake community is small and secluded. Families living here have vacationed here since their childhood and now their children are all grown and have children of their own. Close-knit and guarded, the community does not welcome visitors, not even one of their own.

Victoria Rose grew up in a house on the lake. When the small, sleepy community wasn't exciting enough for her, she set her sights on Hollywood, becoming a famous actress, even winning an Oscar. Now, fifty years later, she's returning to the lake house from her youth. Her childhood friends are cold and downright mean, except for Molly--they remember when Victoria fled without saying good-bye and they haven't forgiven her for abandoning them and acting superior to them and their ways. High school sweetheart James still lives on the lake, and Victoria surprises herself by looking over at his house wondering if he's home and still awake.

Heather Bregman is a famous travel writer  being marketed by her fiance Charlie. Charlie is pushy and arrogant, riding Heather's coattails and using her to make money. Heather sees a small lake house for sale and flees Boston. It doesn't hurt that hot guy Tom visits his grandfather who lives in the lake house next door. Heather's dream is to fix up the small Victorian cottage and live and write in peace.

This is not the dream of the tight-knit elderly community. They don't want an outsider in their midst, and they don't want Victoria around either. Sarah and Agatha aren't worried. Victoria has never stayed at the lake. They figure she'll run away soon if history repeats itself.

What the community never counted on is that Victoria and Molly accept and welcome Heather. Although they are old enough to be her grandmother, Victoria and Molly help Heather and try to make inroads with the others.

This story is one of forgiveness and redemption, a story of deep and lasting, life-long love, a story with heart and compassion. If you read one book this summer, make sure it's The Lake House.

Highly, highly recommended for book clubs and summer reading. Some mature content, some "loose" conversations.

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