Friday, July 12, 2013

Time Travel Pick: Plague in the Mirror

Plague in the Mirror

By Deborah Noyes

Candlewick Press


306 pages

What if someone is your exact twin but living centuries away? And what if that person has evil intentions? And what if time allows that stranger to catch up with you? And what if that stranger is not nice…not nice at all.

Dark, deceptive, seductive, and haunting, Plague in the Mirror is a novel rich in history, its setting in present day Florence and in the Florence of the past: 1348 Florence.

May is on a vacation with childhood friend Liam and his mother Gwen. They visit the famous tourist sites in Florence living and breathing the city’s rich history and past. May is visited by a ghostly girl who is her exact twin. Cristofana has been searching for a look-alike for a long time, and she’s not about to let May walk away.

May travels with her ghostly twin to Florence in 1348. She thinks she may be dreaming or quite possibly out of her mind. The plague kills with a vengeance, and May is frightened. She searches for a way out and meets a beautiful stranger. May finds the portal and returns to her friends, but she’s troubled by the chance meeting with the dark stranger who is now always in her thoughts.

Cristofana wants to live in May’s world. She wants to live and be free of a time where so many have died. If she stays in 1348, chances are that she, too, will die. May plays with fire and returns again and again to 1348. It’s dangerous and it’s romantic. How much is she willing to risk for love at first sight? Two girls who are carbon copies. Two girls who long to be somewhere else—in another century.

Will May fight for her life? Or will she give in to passion?

Fantastic cover art will draw readers to pick this novel up. The premise of a ghost story, time travel and a beautiful Italian setting has strong appeal as well. Noyes develops modern day Florence and Florence of the past in fantastic detail.

Recommended grade 9-up. Language, mature situations.

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