Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fantasy Pick: Rose

by Holly Webb
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
272 pages

Available September 3, 2013

Imaginative, clever, and beguiling, Rose is that one book that tweens and teens will remember. Rose is an eleven year old orphan--or maybe she's twelve--she doesn't know her true age. She was left at St. Bridget's Home for Abandoned Girls where she's spent the last nine years. It isn't a bad orphanage, if you can get past the rules and the chores and the not so great food. Maisie, Rose's friend at the orphanage, spends idle hours with Rose pretending to be daughters of royalty.

A lady arrives at the orphanage and chooses Rose to work as a house servant for Mr. Fountain, a well-known alchemist (magician). Rose is happy to have her own room and FOUR dresses to wear. The girls at the orphanage would think it grand to have their own room and wardrobe. Mr. Fountain's house is huge and fascinatingly magical. Rose notices weird happenings right away. She is uncertain how she is able to talk to Gustavus, Mr. Fountain's cat, but she likes him. Freddie is a little jealous that Rose can do magic, but they become good friends.

When children begin to disappear, it's up to Rose to solve the mystery and return the children before they die. Freddie, Isabella, Gustavus and Rose hatch a plan to catch the kidnapper, but they fall into a trap. Will the team be able to rescue themselves and the others? Will Mr. Fountain be able to save them in time?

Rose is smart, quick, clever, and intuitive. Readers will love the magic that is Mr. Fountain's house and the talking cat, Gustavus. The beautiful, captivating cover art is sure to draw young readers in. The cover sells this book, but the writing will keep readers turning the pages.

Highly recommended grade 4-up.

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