Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dork Diaries: OMG! All About Me Diary!

Dork Diaries: OMG! All About Me Diary!
by Rachel Renee Russell
265 pages

Tweens and fans of the series will love filling in the pages of their very own diary. Funny and unstoppable Nikki Maxwell leads readers to write with prompts like, "Have you ever told someone a personal secret and the THEY told someone else? What was the secret and WHO told it?" and "OMG! You're working at a KISSING BOOTH to raise money for CHARITY? Name the first six people in line for kisses!"

Readers also get Nikki's comments on a variety of topics including: boys, of course, school, friends, food, fun, music and more. Russell's illustrations are spot on and bring Nikki to life. Each day of the year gets its own entry, so readers become writers! There are blanks for Year 1 and Year 2, so readers/writers can keep their diary and work in it for two years. Nikki says, " Maybe one day your diary will become a really popular book series! How cool would that be?"

Highly, highly recommended for any fan of the series. This is a great Christmas or birthday gift that will keep girls writing all year long. Grade 4-up.

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