Monday, January 27, 2014

Art Pick: Henri's Scissors

Henri's Scissors
by Jeanette Winter
Beach Lane Books
40 pages
ISBN 9781442464841

A triumph for the human spirit! Henri Matisse is well known for his paintings, both today and during his lifetime. When a serious illness left him bedridden, Matisse knew he could never paint again. His love of art and his creative spirit urged him forward. He picked up a pair of scissors and began to cut paper.

He turned his papers into a garden of art which are now on display at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.  New York Times writer John Russell said, "Though produced by a very old man who was mortally ill, (the cut outs) seem to come from the springtime of the world." (November 25, 1984)

This book is for young children but its message is for everyone. Art lasts throughout one's  life. Many artists never reach their full potential late in life or in old age (Grandma Moses, Georgia O'Keefe). Creativity exists even in sickness. Matisse did not stop living; he continued to dream and to create. What an accomplishment!

Highly recommended for art lovers everywhere. An easy read for younger children and could easily be incorporated into an art appreciation class for any age.

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