Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Poetry Pick: Outside the Box

Outside the Box
by Karma Wilson
Drawings by Diane Goode
Margaret K. McElderry Books
172 pages
ISBN: 9781416980056

Evocative (on purpose) to Shel Silverstein's books of children's poetry, Karma Wilson dedicates her new book to Silverstein saying, "to Shel S. who encouraged every child to play with words..." Drawings by Diane Goode capture the humor and energy of each poem by Wilson. This book is a treasure trove of what will become a child's most loved poems.

Some poems are concrete like "Outside the Box" and "Inside Joke." Other poems make the reader laugh but then think! One of my favorite short poems is "Dorks and Geeks" which pays homage to all those called dorks, geeks and "artistic freaks" who become the leaders and "...great inventive souls/that make our history."

The poet has a keen eye and a refreshing sense of humor and a childlike wonder when looking at the world. In "Monkey Business," the author reminds us, "You laugh at the monkeys in the zoo,/but the monkeys laugh right back at you./While you giggle, point, and stare,/to them you're a monkey without much hair./ So there."

There is so much to love in this book of poetry. It is likely to be the most checked out book in every library that caters to children. There's something magical about a funny poem. It resonates with our funny bone and makes us feel good. Whether eight or eighty, anyone who loves a poem will love Outside the Box.

Highly, highly recommended all ages and all poetry lovers. A must have for the poetry section of every library.

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