Friday, May 16, 2014

Series Pick: The Trap

The Trap
by Andrew Fukuda
St. Martin's Griffin
309 pages
ISBN: 9781250005120

Tense, terrifying, taut and enormously entertaining, The Trap is the final chapter in the Hunt trilogy and it delivers! Fukuda is at the top of his game; The Trap maintains the rocket pace adrenaline rush of the first two books. This is one thrilling  trilogy that just kept getting better, and the BEST vampire book yet!

Sissy, Gene, Epap, David and other young humans are on a train heading into the Ruler's realm. Rumored to keep humans in cages as cattle and food, the Palace is the epicenter of the vampire's power. The doors open into sheer blackness; the terrified passengers must make a decision: go into the elevator or get back on the train. They know death awaits them no matter what decision they make, but that does not  deter Gene and Sissy from sticking together and trying to save the others.

The truth is worse than the kids imagined. Humans are being  kept underground and told to seek the safety of coffin-like chambers or risk being devoured during an all out bloodbath at least once weekly. The vampires roam the catacombs and choose which tasty morsel they will devour next. Gene and Sissy need to figure out their best chance of escaping this underground hell, but before they can, the sirens go off. Everyone scrambles for safety.

Once again, Gene happens upon a stranger he's met once before. It is the same man who told him not to trust old love Ashley June. Gene is taken to see the Ruler and he is given an ultimatum. In order to save Sissy and the others, Gene must go back to the city and kill Ashley June.

Plot twists and revelations about Gene's childhood are explosive and mind-blowing. What will Gene do with this new information? Can Sissy and Gene be the answer to the enigma? The answers will not be easy and the results might be devastating. The Trap ends the trilogy with hope for the future.

Highly, highly recommended for fans of zombie books and a must read for fans of the trilogy. Suitable grade 7-up with this caution; Sissy does shower and is nude but it's not a sexual scene. Also, human flesh is called "virgin" and "virginal" which means untouched--not in the sexual sense.

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