Thursday, October 23, 2014

Non-Fiction Pick: 77 Things You Absolutely Have To Do Before You Finish College

77 Things You Absolutely Have To Do Before You Finish College
by Halley Bondy
Zest Books
191 pages, with resources
ISBN: 9781936976003

Informative and insightful, this book will give college bound grads some ideas what their future will be like. The book is divided into seven sections: Around the Pad (dorm room or apartment), Getting Out and About On Your Own, Taking Advantage of School, Being Social, Body and Health, Spoil Yourself, and For the Future.

Renting an apartment for the first time is a scary adventure. The author warns readers to take an experienced person with you--someone who has rented or bought property before (like a parent, older sibling or friend) will know what questions to ask, will point out faults and weaknesses of the property and its condition, and will be able to "translate" the lease agreement. This is sage advice even for young people who think they know everything. As a licensed realtor myself, I see how some apartment managers/property management companies can take advantage of the young, the inexperienced, the na├»ve, or the just plain ignorant lessee.

Other entries are  creating  a photo collection, joining a political campaign, joining  a college group, eating  all alone at a restaurant, trying  some weird kind of food like squid ink pasta and volunteering  at a shelter. "Learn Self Defense" does not show up until mid-book, but I think it should have been the #1 entry. College age students, primarily girls, should be aware of national statistics and take pro-active steps to avoid dangerous situations According to a report from the CDC, "In a study of undergraduate women, 19% experienced attempted or completed sexual assault since entering college." That is a staggering number! At my daughter's university, incoming freshmen and transfer students are given a lecture by campus police at orientation. The police warn to walk in groups and there is an app to contact campus security. The all call system warns students of dangerous situations such as a campus lock down or severe weather.

This book is the ideal going away gift for high school seniors and graduates. Although the cover is underwhelming to say the least, the information is valuable and well-organized. The cover should have been more colorful, maybe with a collage of college (haha, see what I did there?) symbols--a few mascots (made up ones, of course so the publisher does not have to pay for them), car keys, textbooks and a bill from the book store for over $1000 for just 3 textbooks, a microscope, pom poms, a football field, and a bowl of ramen--the staple of dorm rooms worldwide!

Recommended for any high school senior--either going away to college or commuting.

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