Wednesday, November 19, 2014

100 Things That Make Me Happy
by Amy Schwartz
Illustrations by the author
Abrams Appleseed
40 pages

Joyful, whimsical, fun and fresh, 100 Thing That Make Me Happy made me happy! Who doesn't remember what fun it is to slide on slippery floors? Remember the funny tickle of a puppy's wet nose and the giggles it produced? The softness of Grandma's lap and the feeling of family? The beauty of starry nights out in the open air?

This book reminded me of all the little things that children love and adults have a hard time remembering. It is nice to take a moment to cherish the little things that make life beautiful and share them with a child through this fun jaunt of rhyming couplets and miles of smiles.

100 things would seem to take a long time, but this book is over before you know it, and you will realize that time just flew by and that you were entertained and having a good time reading it. Likely, there will be a smile on your face, too!

Highly, highly recommended for young readers who will beg for this one to be read over and over again. They may want to make their own observations about things that make them smile. I'm going to go make my list now!

This book would be useful in teaching rhyme and rhyming couplets in a classroom poetry unit. Another assignment for English or creative writing class would be to have students produce their own lists of things that make them happy.

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