Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Picture Book Pick: Where's My Homework?

Where's My Homework?
by Michael Garland
Illustrations by the author
Cartwheel Books
32 pages
ISBN: 9780545436557

Michael Garland takes the oldest homework excuse/joke in the book and makes it funny again. When a young boy can't find his homework, he asks his sister if she's seen it. She says that maybe he didn't do it at all, but he knows he completed it but now he can't find it. He looks everywhere with the help of his faithful family dog.

After a search, he comes up with implausible excuses like maybe pirates plundered his homework or Martians could have abducted it. When he realizes his beloved dog Frumpy has actually eaten it, he does what any kid in his shoes would do! He takes the dog to school to explain to his teacher that his dog ate his homework. The teacher is unlikely to believe this old story, but Frumpy saves the day!

This is a silly, feel good book for kids with a sense of humor. Brilliant illustrations jump off each page. This color drenched picture book is astounding. I loved the oversize boy and dog on the back cover. Frumpy the dog is as loveable as he is adorable. I must say I've never seen a neater child's room. There is no clutter, no clothes on the floor, no toys, no books, only a notebook on the desk.

Highly recommended for young readers. This would be a fun read for pre-K and Kindergarten students who are just getting an idea of what school is all about and will be doing homework soon.

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