Thursday, December 3, 2015

Early Reader Pick: Strictly No Elephants

Strictly No Elephants
by Lisa Mantchev
Illustratons by Taeeun Yoo
Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
(A Paula Wiseman Book)
32 pages
ISBN: 9781481416474

Strictly No Elephants is a  sweet story full of promise for friendship and inclusion. It's Pet Club day and a boy would like to bring his unusual pet, a tiny elephant, to the club. When he's rudely turned away at the door---the cover says it all--he finds a girl who feels left out, too. They form their own group and include everyone no matter what type of pet or person they are.

This cute little book teaches young readers all about true friendship. Friends help each other, friends help friends be brave, friends stick together, and friends help everyone feel better. Illustrations by Yoo show the unwelcome faces of the first club, the sadness of the boy and his elephant (it's no surprise the scene occurs in a downpour), and the happiness of the new group of friends. I love that both the boy and his elephant wear matching red scarfs!

This is an incredible example of a book that can teach young readers values. Everyone will win with this winsome title.

Highly recommended for beginning readers. This book could easily be taught by a pre-K teacher or a Sunday school teacher, but mostly let's hope parents will read this book to their own child/children. It will open the door for conversations about friendship and what it is and how friends should act.

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