Friday, January 8, 2016

Best Books 2015

Pamela's Picks: Best Books 2015

I've included two great adult titles for book clubs, middle grades, middle school and YA titles.
I hope you make a point of at least finding more out about these great titles. 2015 was a great year for publishing. Click on each book cover for more information on each book. I saved The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch as the last title. It was so AMAZING that it took me a week of pondering in order to write a review worthy of that novel. It literally is everything great about fiction. Enjoy! ( I used the free educator end of Emaze for the presentation; you can buy upgrades if you prefer. Easy to use and looks great!)

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  1. That was a beautiful presentation! I haven't heard of a lot of the books, but some of the covers made me want to crawl in and check them out. I think some of them might end up on my ever-growing TBR list ;)