Wednesday, January 27, 2016

So You Want a Makerspace? 15 Sites

So You Want a Makerspace?  15 sites to help you along:  ideas, inspiration, and impetus. From coloring to creating to building, the sky’s the limit with your Makerspace.  Although some of the craft projects are geared to younger grades, the projects could be modified for older students. For your Makerspace, take plenty of photos from the very beginning. You will want to see how your Makerspace grew each month and year. Your Makerspace success will help other libraries plan their own adventure. Now go forth and MAKE!


Getting started:

Everything you need to know about Makerspaces:

How one library grew a Makerspace:


Crafts, games and fun:

Children’s craft collective.

Craft patterns and ideas;

Dinosaur lovers’ activities:

Busy Bee Crafts including printable content:

DLTK Crafts for Kids:

Funology games and crafts:

Origami for kids (from beginner to more advanced):

Disney family fun crafts:


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