Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Top 20 Reasons Reading Rocks

I made this list from several sources I have read. Tweaked it for my library. I created a Piktochart  here

Top 20 Reasons Reading Rocks!
  1. You can experience things you would never do
  2. You can read in any weather
  3. You can experience the past
  4. You can dream about the future
  5. It’s the cheapest way to travel anywhere
  6. It doesn’t require batteries
  7. You may become  smarter than a 5th Grader
  8. Reading increases brain power—it’s heavy lifting for the brain
  9. You can learn how things work
  10. Reading is a great escape
  11. Reading stimulates creativity
  12. The mind…a terrible thing to waste
  13. You never know what you might find out from a book
  14. You will never outgrow reading
  15. Reading helps you become a better writer
  16. You will find new heroes in reading and some old friends!
  17. Reading is inspiring
  18. Reading satisfies curiosity
  19. Reading expands your mind
  20. The book is ALWAYS way better than the movie!
                         Reading----the ultimate superpower!

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