How Giveaway Winners Are Chosen

Once you comment on a book giveaway, your post gets a number assigned to it in the order it comes in. For example, if you are the first person to post, your number is #1, second person is #2 and so on. You must post your email address contact and your city and state. That is the only way I can contact you should you win. Also, I can only ship to U.S. addresses and Canada. Other addresses will not be considered but you may certainly comment. If you post a comment but leave no email, your comment is not assigned a number since I am unable to contact you if you win. Sorry.

Once the giveaway closes, I use an online random sorter and it picks the winners from all the comments. If someone posts a comment but doesn't leave an email contact, I have to throw that name out since I have no way of contacting the person if she/he wins.

The winners are not the first five people to post nor the last five. It is random. That being said, some people have won two or more times. The lower the amount of posts for each giveaway, the higher your chances of winning. I use randomizer which is free and easy to use. Sometimes a giveaway attracts many posts--over 50 or more. Other times the book giveaway only gets 10-30 posts. It all depends on what people want to win, I suppose.

So go ahead and enter! It's easy and it's fun and you get FREE books. What could be better than free books? You will need to open a gmail account in order to post comments, but it takes only seconds.