Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Ready*To*Read Pick: Bird Singing, Bird Winging


Bird Singing, Bird Winging

Ready*To*Read Pre-Level One

by Marilyn Singer

Illustrated by Lucy Semple

Simon Spotlight

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division

32 pages


ISBN: 9781534441439

Colorful illustrations capture all kinds of birds and their behavior from woodpeckers to eagles to penguins--birds of every size and color. Children will see each bird in their habitat doing what they are most famous for--woodpeckers pecking for food, penguins staying warm, eagles hunting, mama bird tending. 

Simple words will become easy sight words for early readers. The rhyming text make this a fun read aloud that children will want to practice for themselves. Marilyn Singer has a magic ear for rhyme and it makes Bird Singing, Bird Winging a real stand-out. 

Three pages follow with interesting facts about the various birds featured in the book. Young readers will learn fascinating things about the birds they see in their own neighborhoods or at the aviary. 

Highly recommended ages 3-5. 

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