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Saturday, June 18, 2022

YA Pick: Go Hunt Me


Go Hunt Me

by Kelly Devos




310 pages

ISBN: 9780593204856

It's senior year for Alex Rush and her friend group: business-like Hazel, beautiful Kenna, Reagan who is secretly in love with Alex, Alex's boyfriend Jax, sweet Maddie and computer wizard Carter. They've made horror films together for years, Alex REALLY needs this project to help her get into USC film school. When she's not accepted, she has a near breakdown in a restaurant bathroom. Lucky for her, a chance meeting with a famous actress becomes her opportunity. 

The friend group decides to set up a GoFundMe account. Using the money the group leaves for Romania with the idea of filming in Vlad Dracul's (Bram Stroker's Dracula) actual castle. The famous actress pulls all the permits and handles their travel arrangements, but leaving the kids to fend for themselves in a strange country inside an even stranger castle with an infamous past and taken care of by a creepy cousin of the actress.

Locked doors must remain locked he instructs them which only sets off their group paranoia. Soon, they realize this is the chance they need for all of them to get into their chosen schools and decide to go forward with filming their last film together. The castle proves to be as spooky as they thought when Alex catches a glimpse of a masked man and then their GoFundMe money goes missing. It goes from bad to worse when Maddie goes missing. 

Someone is after them, and there seems to be no escaping the castle or each other. One by one (And Then There Were None) the teens meet death. What is the truth? It all depends on who tells the story. 

Edge of your seat tingles and excellent pacing keep the reader wondering who will be next? And who or what is after them? 

Inspired by the story of Dracula with the right amount of One of Us Is Lying, Go Hunt Me is a winning read that will keep YA readers turning the pages as they hunger (pun intended) for more. Kelly Devos is at the top of her game, so watch out YA fans. I'm sure she has more creepy monsters for us! 

Highly, highly recommended grades 8 and up. Gore, violence but nothing teens haven't seen on CW or witnessed on the news or network television. 


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