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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Middle Grade Fantasy Pick: Secret of the Storm


Secret of the Storm

by Beth McMullen


An Imprint of Simon & Shuster Children's Publishing Division


304 pages

ISBN: 9781534482852

When twelve-year old Cassie King's father dies, her mother retreats from the world and Cassie. Cassie feels like she's lost two parents and has no one to talk to or share secrets with. Cassie can't turn to her ex-best friend since her friend ditched her for the popular kids. The only outlet Cassie has is her volunteer work at the library where she spends hours with her "sort of" friend Joe.

Nothing ever happens in their boring town of Lewistown, California, until one day Cassie and Joe are trapped in an alley during a violent, magical storm. After lightning strikes a dumpster near them, the storm subsides and Cassie hears an animal crying. She discovers a tiny black kitten survived the strike and appears somehow unhurt. She names the kitten Albert and takes him home.

Soon Albert becomes something more than a tiny kitten and Cassie and Joe discover what Albert truly is and where he came from. Albert has unbelievable strength for a tiny cat and a symbol appears to Cassie. She thinks the symbol is a map, but doesn't know where the map is goes to. Lewistown is suddenly much more dangerous, yet exciting place. 

Cassie's goal is to protect Albert no matter what. With Joe's help, the two discover pieces of Albert's past. Miss Asher, the librarian, has secrets and is "the best librarian ever." Who doesn't love a librarian with a past?

A cliffhanger ending leaves readers wanting more, and Book 2 is already released! 

Highly recommended grade 5 and up. For readers who love dragons and fantasy.

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