Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dystopian Pick: Dark Inside

Dark Inside
by Jeyn Roberts
Simon & Schuster
336 pages
Available November 1, 2011

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Compelling, creepy, and calamitous, Dark Inside is an incredible post-apocalypic solid page-turner sure to resonate with teen readers. There was an earthquake--the mother of all earthquakes--that took not only thousands of lives but knocked out all communications. No television, no radio, no Internet, no cell phones, no police scanners, no 911. There is nowhere and noone to turn to for help.

Before the quake, Mason is called out of class to be by his dying mother's side. She was in a horrific car accident and a teacher drives Mason to the hospital. While he's in the waiting room, a newscast comes on the t.v. that there has been a shocking and brutal attack at his high school. Several bombs went off killing everyone.

Aries is on a bus when a wild-eyed, crazy man grabs her and warns her that, "Too much hate. They found the crack" and begins a countdown. At the precise moment he says, "ONE," an earthquake rocks her world.

Clementine was in a town meeting with her parents in the church when her mother warns her to sneak out. She sees the armed men--men who are their neighbors--but now the men are gun-toting monsters. She sneaks out the door but is grabbed by a neighbor. He lets her go, saying, "Once it takes over, I can't stop." Sam hears voices--telling him to do things, things like killing.

Michael witnesses an accident and sees the police responders kill a fleeing man. The police turn on him and will kill him if he doesn't leave. Has the world gone crazy?

Each chapter is told from one of the main character's point of view. Evil is unleashed and some people are "infected." Yet, others appear normal but have a darkness inside. They conceal their basest instincts but plot and plan their killings. Who can you trust?

Fighting to stay alive in a gruesome and dangerous world requires quick thinking, quick feet, and sometimes a killer's mentality--you may have to kill or be killed. The four teens are thrown together for better or worse and they must find a place to call home--a haven far from the madness.

Dark Inside is an exciting novel--so exciting that Hollywood will be fighting for movie rights to this one! Readers who loved Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick will love Dark Inside.

Highly, highly recommended grades 7-up. Violence, no sex, no language.

FTC Required Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.


  1. Wow! This should appeal to both sides of the isle, good vs evil to its ultimate. Several perspectives, boys, girls, monsters, evil, can't wait to read this book!

  2. Sorry forgot to add, Dallas, TX

  3. This will be a good book to have. It will not stay on the shelf long.

    Jerrilyn Miller

  4. Wow- this sounds just like what the kids are asking for every day!, Harrison, OH

  5. dystopian fiction is very popular in my library, would love the chance to get this one!

    Maureen Squier
    New Lebanon, NY

  6. Great review! Sounds like a great book. We've had earthquakes (just last week) and a bombing (Timothy McVeigh), but my students will still keep this book circulating. Can't wait to get it for them, and I can't wait to read it myself!

    Oklahoma City, OK

  7. So hoping that I am the winner. Looks like a good books for our collection.

    Belann Earley

  8. Sounds great. Eager to read it and recommend to students too. Janice Gumerman. Jgumerman@ Independence, Missouri. School district

  9. This sounds great...I know I as well as the students would love to read this!

    Susanne Sharkey
    Astoria, NY

  10. Wow! I enjoy books told from different viewpoints.

    Lisa Hicks
    Gunter High School
    Gunter, Texas

  11. This would popular in my school!

    Nili Resnick
    New Hyde Park Memorial HS
    New Hyde Park, NY

  12. I've put this one on my next order list. My middle schoolers will love it.
    Marietta, GA

  13. This sounds like a real page turner!

    David Bilmes
    Schaghticoke Middle School
    New Milford, CT

  14. My students will love it!

    OLA School
    Ventura, CA

  15. Dystopian good versus evil--a sure hit with my students!

    Heidi Gleb
    Sylvester Middle School
    Burien WA

  16. I get requests for zombies all the time. This sounds like a great one!

    Sindy Cunningham
    Norman Howard School
    Rochester, NY

  17. I think my students are really going to enjoy this book.

    Melissa Purcell
    Brunswick, GA

  18. This would be handed from teen to teen! Sounds great!

    Wendi Colby
    Northwood, NH

  19. It is amazing how the students seem to inhale this genre. I know they will love having a copy. Thanks for what you do for the profession.

    Heidi Lewis
    Guinyard-Butler Middle School
    Barnwell, SC 29812

  20. Love the alliteration in the first sentence of the review :)

    Norma O'Keefe
    Limestone Community School
    Limestone, Maine