Monday, August 20, 2012

Music Lover's Pick: Guitar Notes

Guitar Notes
By Mary Amato
296 pages with original songs/music for guitar

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Captivating, inspiring, lyrical, and beautiful, Guitar Notes sings off the pages. Music lovers and opposites Tripp and Lyla share a practice room at school. On odd days, Tripp uses the room to practice guitar, write songs, and just inspire himself. A true music lover, Tripp doesn’t have to play a song; he plays to play for the love of it. Music is like breathing for Tripp.

Lyla has the room on even days. Lyla is Little Miss Perfect. She’s beautiful, smart, popular, and a gifted cellist. Lyla is first chair and works hard to be number one. She finds trash left in the room by Tripp and writes him a note:

“Dear Odd Day Musician, We are sharing this room. Please remove your trash from the music stand when you are done. Thanks, --The Even Day Musician”

Tripp can’t believe it, and leaves Miss Perfect his own little note. He is equally parts insulting, snarky, and funny. Soon, the two are leaving each other daily notes. Can two such different people find each other and themselves through their love of music?

Lyla feels like she’s having a heart attack. She is under unbearable stress to perform in school, at home, on stage, and her parents are forcing her to try out for a prestigious music school. Tripp sees that Lyla is a gifted cellist but really doesn’t feel the music; she is a performer, not a music lover. When Lyla learns a few guitar chords, there’s no stopping their friendship.

Anyone with a love of music and guitar, anyone with a background in performing, anyone who knows what it’s like to be pushed into something your parents want you to do will enjoy Guitar Notes. Tripp and Lyla are an unforgettable team. Girls will love Tripp’s humor and feel empathy for good girl Lyla who tries hard to overachieve.

I love the cover with the characters’ notes to each other on the guitar. Readers will like the songs and music included in the book. Guitar lovers may be inspired to try the songs and maybe write a song of their own.

Highly recommended grades 7-up. No sex. No language.


  1. Sounds like a fun read.

    Fort Wayne, IN

  2. Thanks got another great post. Sounds like a great read.

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  3. Intrigued by this one!

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  4. I loved writing this book. Many years ago I was so inspired by my English teacher to analyze song lyrics as poetry. Now, I'm hoping that my book and all the resources I'm posting on will inspire readers. Mary Amato

  5. Sounds like a neat read! I'm off to visit right now.
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  6. Hmmm, thought provoking ...
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  7. This book sounds like it will be a great read!
    We have a new music teacher this year, it would be great to pass along to her.
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  8. This sounds wonderful! I'd love to share this with our band peeps!

  9. Sounds like fun
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  10. Love your reviews, Pamela. Keep up the good work! I'm sure GUITAR NOTES would find many fans here in our library. :)

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  14. Love the review, makes me want to read this one!
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