Monday, October 12, 2020

Picture Book Pick: Every Little Letter


Every Little Letter

by Deborah Underwood

Illustrated by Joy Hwang Ruiz

Dial Books For Young Readers

Penguin Random House


40 pages

ISBN: 9780525554028


What an uplifting, positive read! This is not an alphabet book although letters are the characters. In a walled city of capital H's, everyone is the same: they are happy and protected. One curious little h wonders about the world outside the walls: what do others look like? Are there others? Are they like me? 

She finds a small opening in the wall and spots an i. The two letters reach through the wall, and realize: TOGETHER, we are something entirely new: HI! The big H's are not happy and wall up the hole. Soon, other letters in other cities are sending messages to each other. Little h realizes if she can't go through the wall, there may be another way. 

As the smaller case letters teach the big letters to reach out and listen to others, the walls between all the letters come down. This isn't a book about letters. It's a book about reaching out to others who are different, listening to what they say, learning about them and living in harmony with them. 

What a beautiful book for all times! We need this book right now! You need this book right now! The world needs this book right now! 

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  1. This sounds like a great alphabet book. I'll keep it in mind as a present for one of my nephews. Thanks!