Thursday, November 19, 2020

Big Cat Pick: Tigers can't Purr! And Other Amazing Facts


Tigers Can't Purr! And Other Amazing Facts    

Super Facts for Super Kids

Ready-To-Read, Level Two

by Theo Feldman

Illustrated by Lee Cosgrove

Full color photos 

Simon Spotlight

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division 


32 pages with glossary

ISBN: 9781534467750

Easy to read format with short chapters, colorful illustrations by Cosgrove and awesome photos of tigers. make this book a fantastic pick. Young readers will learn there are six types of tigers and where each type of tiger lives. Kids will learn words like predator, prey, camouflage and apex (which most adults probably don't know--apex means top predator. Tigers are not hunted by any other animal for food). 

Tigers are fast! If you think you can outrun a tiger, think again! Alas, poor tigers may look like a big cat but they can't purr. They can hiss, growl and chuff. Little known fact: Tigers LOVE to swim! 

Fun read for reluctant readers who will be impressed by their new-found knowledge about tigers. A must have purchase for any young reader who loves animals and tigers! 

Highly recommended ages 7 and up and for struggling readers. 

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