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Friday, October 8, 2021

Graphic Novel Pick: The Hunger Heroes: Missed Meal Mayhem


The Hunger Heroes: Missed Meal Mayhem

Book One

(Graphic Novel-Chapter Book)

by Jarrett Lerner



128 pages

ISBN: 9781534498808

Publication Date: October 26, 2021

The Hunger Heroes get an urgent call: a student at the elementary school has skipped breakfast and now he won't be able to concentrate to pass his math test. Hunger Heroes to the rescue! They jump into their Hovercraft (a giant flying taco, of course) and zoom to Pinchkid (hilarious!) Elementary School.

The Hunger Heroes are: a bean named Mr. Toots (haha!), A Chip Ninja, Tammy the Tomato and Leonard the wedge of cheddar cheese. First, they'll have to find a way into the school and navigate through a boisterous gym class where dodge balls threaten to smash them, they duck, dash, dart and dodge then they'll have to figure out the maze of hallways to find hungry Jason in Mrs. Sternbladder's (silliness, tee-hee) classroom where there are RULES against any type of food, or even more horrifying, SNACKS! 

How will  the heroes help Jason and escape the peril of Mrs. Sternbladder? Only the brain of Jarrett Lerner could dream up this silly, funny, wacky and entertaining jaunt into a school to save a student in the nick of time to ace his math test. 

The advance reader copy has a book one on the spine, so I'm sure there's more Hunger Heroes in our near future. Fun reading for fans of easy readers, those who are reluctant readers and fans of graphic novels. 

Highly recommended grades 2-6. 


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