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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Easy Reader Pick: J.D. and the Great Barber Battle

J.D. and the Great Barber Battle

by J. Dillard

Illustrations by Akeem S. Roberts



128 pages 

ISBN: 9870513111529

Editorial reviews: 

“Dillard has a sharp ear for dialogue, and J.D.’s conversational narration paired with the story’s gentle humor and perfectly placed pop culture references will ensure a wide appeal. Akeem S. Roberts’ cartoon-style illustrations of J.D. and his friends are packed with personality and make this a great choice for readers transitioning into chapter books. The first book in a planned series, J.D. and the Great Barber Battle feels like a winner.” 
"The African American cultural references and community values will resonate with readers of all ages, while the joyful, wholesome story will give them something to look forward to in subsequent entries."
The Horn Book

Editor's pick on Amazon Best Book for children 5-8.

J.D. begins the first day of third grade in the morning, so his mother cuts his hair. J.D.'s is horrified by the outcome. His hair is a hot mess! When he goes to school, everyone teases him, even his best friend. 

J.D. takes things into his own hands. Literally. He grabs the clippers and gives himself a haircut. The results are amazing. The next day, J.D.'s haircut is a hit. Now all the boys want to hire J.D. to cut their hair. The word gets out that a kid entrepreneur is stealing the local barber's kid clients, and the great barber battle begins. 

This series features a tight-knit extended family, siblings who get along, a funny kid with a great friend and a cute story. Great for reluctant readers. Chapters are short and illustrations will lure them in. 

This book is likely to be heavily awarded this season. 

Highly recommended for elementary libraries and reluctant readers. 

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